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Information is power and provides us with the ability to improve and make changes where change is needed.

Are you missing a key component in your relationship similar to a stool missing a leg? You know what happens when someone tries to sit on that stool? That person falls flat on their ass! The missing component in your relationship works the same way. 

Learn informative ways of re-igniting the fire that has burned out in your
relationship. Find out some simple ways to turn a dull, boring night into a heated and passion filled


                          Is Stripping or Giving a Strip Tease To My Man Really Something?

Your man wants you! He doesn’t care how he gets it as long as he gets something! You would be surprised how easy it is to make your man happy. Stripping is hot and is why men all over the world go to see strippers or “Nude Entertainers” but stripping is not only somethings strippers do. It is an easy way to get your man to put down that X Box controller or stop whatever he is doing. The most important step is feeling confident about yourself because feeling confident portrays confidence. Many women, including myself, are insecure about their body and notice all their flaws, dwelling on everything wrong with them instead of looking for the best things about their body and themselves and accentuating those features. Men notice about 1/4 of what women notice when it comes to the “flaws” we think we have. I don’t have many stretch marks on my body but the few I do have are on my outer waist. I don’t think they are attractive  at all but my man has always referred to them as “tiger stripes” and loves to rub his fingers over them. Silly? Yes but it makes me less worried about revealing them. 


Eyes? The Better To See You With My Dear!

Eyes can be used for more than seeing. They can be a very erotic tool that can connect you and your partner on an emotional level while providing more passion in the bed. See how using your eyes can be a turn on for your man and get him to stare into your eyes while making love.  After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Why does the word “sex” cause such an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of many people’s stomach? Why is talking about something that every man and woman on the face of the earth does on a regular basis so difficult and embarrassing for so many?

This is one big reason why passion and romance is void in so many couple’s relationships and that void causes an emotional distance that only grows stronger if not repaired.

It does take much to rekindle and ignite the romance that has dwindled into the abyss. A little effort can go a long way but women have this emotional tendency to become offended by their partner’s lack of involvement in their relationship and try to get their man to “share his feelings” and “talk about things”.


A few recent studies done by sex therapists and physicians showed that the majority of relationships that have been ongoing for more than a couple of years have sex less then two times a week and couples who have recently had financial struggles, a new addition to their family, or some other stressor have sex less than once a week while it showed that couples who have been married with children for more than five years have sex about once every 3-4 weeks. That my friends is ridiculous. The times when life is the most difficult is when intimacy with your partner would be the most beneficial but instead it is the last resort for many couples. The longer a couple remains distant, the harder it is to re-ignite the passion. If you have been in a long relationship and have gone through a down period, it feels like you are having sex with a stranger the first time after a long period of abstinence. You have to force yourself to do it and it almost makes you feel dirty or that is the way I felt and my relationship started out with an intense passionate romance that neither one of us had ever felt before. Make the first step to gaining back the control in your relationship and getting back the “Fairy Tale” romance you used to dream about as a child.

Maybe you are one of the few lucky women who have an ultra sensitive man with a little extra estrogen than most men. I have been in my current relationship for almost 11 years now and about 10 years and 6 months ago his urge to share his feelings and talk about the things I was interested in ( having a baby, what kind of furniture to get for the living room, what color paint would accent the furniture best…) stopped. Why? Because most men don’t give a shit about any of these things to begin with but women make it their mission to try and force their man to care about those things. After all of that, we hold it against them when our plan fails. We (women) get mad at our man for lying when we ask them questions like, “Do I look fat or Does this dress make my butt look big?” And we get mad at them when they are honest and tell us the truth.

If you are like most people, than chances are you are in a relationship, regardless of the reason, that has its ups and downs. Usually our downs come at a time when life seem’s to be the most difficult. Our relationship is the worst when we need it to be the strongest. Why? I don’t know. I do know that in my own relationship it is financial struggles that cause the most problem between us. It is easier to cause blame on the person that is closely affected by our lives, which is usually our partner. Financial struggles is the number one cause for divorce in America and has seemed to be a problem in so many people’s lives today. Lets face it! Being broke sucks! It not only causes relationship problems but it affects our entire way of life, including our health, mood, chemical balance. 

Communication is a big issue during down times. Couples fail to communicate love, sympathy, and understanding to their partner. It doesn’t matter how long you have been with someone, how many times you have heard that same story, or that your partner is doing things that may not be helping now but have the possibility to help later. Your partner needs your moral support and your love. The more you bash the other person about “everything they don’t do to help” it ends up causing the other person more harm them good. Granted, there is a fine line but think about this…How motivated would you be to do something if your boss had absolutely no faith in anything your were trying to do? Not very! It doesn’t matter whether you are the male or female. We both need and deserve respect from our partner.


Informative Information and Some Odds & Ends

  • Learn the history of Kama Sutra and find out if the positions described in their books really add extra stimulation  Kama Sutra makes erotic products that are meant to enhance a couple’s sexual experience. They are the best tasting products compared to other products and make a great gift for even the most sophisticated couple.  Get some Kama Sutra tips and make sure your  man learns the sure fire methods to hit all the “right” spots, so you end all your sexual encounters satisfied and not wondering if your man’s giggle after those three thrusts really means what you know it means. It is over before it started!
  • Take the weekly true/false polls to see how much you know about men, sex, relationships, and random, but strange facts. To skip to this week’s blog click here
  • Share  your experiences about your relationship and make suggestions about ways women can ensure a romantic and passionate evening with their man. Go to The Forum Now.
  • Read my weekly “real life” blog as I share my relationship experiments on my man and how well my advice works out in my own relationship. Here what men really have to say when the women are not around when I go around my city and record what random men have to say when they think no one else is around to here them.
  • Read my “About Me” section and get to know me a little better.
  • See where to get the best deals on romantic gifts baskets and other intimate products right from your house without feeling the embarrassment some get from stepping foot in a “Sex Store”
  • Your physical and emotional health and well being are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to your mood, level of energy, and sexual appetite. If you are not taking care of your health, then you are causing other problems that may not be visible. Get informed on preventive measures for staying youthful, see what vitamins and minerals are essential in every women’s diet. Don’t have the Fountain of Youth? Well, take the next best thing to prolonging your youth.


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